Max Maxwell

I’m an entrepreneur and self-taught real estate investor and I’ve built a multi-million dollar real estate investment company in less than two years. 

Prior to beginning my career as a real estate investor, I worked for some of the top Fortune 100 companies traveling the world doing experiential marketing. While I enjoyed my time on the road working a variety of events, I knew deep down the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur was what I truly desired. I then tired my hand in the tech startup world with a company called Fastba. The company had promise and the idea was solid but when I struggled to convince investors to get on board, the company dissolved and I was back at my mom’s with nothing.

Let’s rewind for a second…My passion for real estate began long before I ventured into the business world. At 21, I got my North Carolina real estate broker’s license. After a few years of selling properties, the 2008 bubble burst and I was right in the middle of it. Ok, now back to living at my mom’s house, surfing YouTube I came across Wholesaling. It’s not like I had never heard the term before, but now it seemed like a real way to get back into real estate without needing loads of cash, if any at all.

After driving around in my 2004 Jetta, that had such a bad starter I kept it running when I went to the store, looking for ugly houses I hit pay dirt. I was running on my last $300 from my bank account (that’s how much they let you overdraft…pro tip) and was able to assign a contract making me $14,000 in one deal. My first wholesale deal, September 2016.

After seeing that I could do this business I dedicated myself to education. Stopped watching football on Sundays and absorbed as much info as I could to become the best wholesaler I could be. This led to me opening Cash Homes Triad, my first real estate investment company. 

I set a goal for the myself to earn six-figures in a month. I did so in December of 2017. I knew it was time to scale.

Today, my team team consists of over 20 full-time employees (including Virtual Assistants) and a couple part-time interns. Our team averages 10 -15 deals each month in North Carolina.

It’s crazy to think I’ve become nationally known as one of the top Real Estate Investors in the country. My YouTube channel has 200 plus videos, 146,000 subscribers and averages 4 million minutes watched per month! Part of that YouTube success comes from my podcast “Wholesaling Houses Elite” where I welcome guests from the industry to share their stories and provide the audience wholesaling tips and tricks. I learned so much on YouTube before my first deal and this is my way of giving back to the person just getting started in the game. The knowledge is free and I enjoy real estate investing so much that it just made sense to start the channel.

In 2018, I hosted my first wholesaling event, Wholesaling Elite Live in Charlotte, NC. The event which sold out in less than 30 days and welcomed over 450 wholesalers from around the country. Each attendee spent 3 days with Max and his team of Durus to learn more about real estate investing and scaling their business. The response and feedback I received from the attendees was so tremendous that I quickly put together a second event dubbed to be “THE LARGEST” wholesaling event ever in Dallas, Texas in March of 2019 with over 1200 wholesalers in attendance. The drastic impact these events continue to have on everyone has inspired me to make this an annual event. WELIVE 2020 will be held in Atlanta February 6-8 2020.

It is my strong desire to help others achieve financial freedom. By using my social media presence and hosting meetups & events I hope to directly impact the lives of millions.

Remember, you’re only one deal away!